Network Status

Please direct any questions about the network or network services to admin@waxworlds.org.

Web servers

www.waxworlds.org OK
cloud.waxworlds.org OK
matrix.waxworlds.org OK

Mail servers

mail.waxworlds.org OK

Only POP3s and IMAPs (with SSL) connections are accepted from outside.

Name servers

ns1.waxworlds.org OK
ns2.waxworlds.org OK

Machine Status

ash.waxworlds.org OK
oak.waxworlds.org Partially DOWN
willow (internal) DOWN

SSH is only available on ports 21 and 26 from outside.


db1.waxworlds.org (postgresql) OK
Local MySQLs Partially DOWN

Other services

Synapse (matrix) server OK
Backup server DOWN