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27 February, 2015

Mail server listed in spam RBL

Due to mail.waxworlds.org (a.k.a. oak.waxworlds.org) being temporarily assigned a dynamic IP address, it has been listed in the SORBS DUHL spam RBL.

This is being persued with SORBS. I will post updates as they become available.


21 December, 2014

Service disruption to oak

Oak's IP address has changed again, following the recent unexpected outage. All services should be up and running again now though. Please report any problems.


27 April, 2014

Service disruption to oak

Our internet provider for oak.waxworlds.org is experiencing a fault and oak is down. For updates, see their fault status page. I will update this post when the issue is resolved.

Update: The problem has now been resolved. [2014-04-27]


25 April, 2014

Service disruption to oak

We should be changing the service provider for oak.waxworlds.org some time today. oaks static IP address will change again. There may be a temporary disruption to services as this occurs. Most noticeably, email and jabber are handled by oak.

Update: oak is now down until this evening. [2014-04-25]

Update: DNS has been reconfigured with the new IP address, but may take a few hours to catch up. [2014-04-25]

Update: Everything is working again (barring DNS catching up). [2014-04-25]


6 April, 2014

Service disruption to oak

Our service provider is changing the static IP address of oak.waxworlds.org in the next few days. There may be a temporary disruption to services as this occurs. Most noticeably, email and jabber are handled by oak. I'll update as there is more information.

Update: oak is down and will remain so until this evening. [2014-04-08]

Update: oak is back up with its new IP address (although there will be a delay as DNS catches up). [2014-04-09]


1 July, 2013

Server software updates

Over the next few weeks the software running on all the servers will be upgraded to Debian 7. This should be uneventful, insofar as users are concerned, but please let me know if you find something that isn't working as expected.

Update: ash has been upgraded. [2013-07-23]

Update: oak has been upgraded. [2013-08-22]

Update: The issue with authenticating to send emails from outside of the network has been fixed. [2013-08-27]


1 December, 2012

New root certificate

As planned, the waxworlds.org root certificate was changed today, to avoid it expiring. All service certificates have also been replaced for ones signed by the new root certificate. The new root certificate will expire in 2100, so I shouldn't need to replace it again any time soon.


29 November, 2012

Possible service outages

Apologies to anyone having difficulty accessing waxworlds.org services (in particular, jabber and mail). Our service provider has had a routing problem since the early hours of this morning. See their fault status page for more information.

Update: The issue seems to have been fixed. [1pm]


25 November, 2012

Remote SMTP authentication fixed

Apologies to account holders trying to send email remotely. SMTP authentication (which has to be over SSL) wasn't working, but it is now.

Quick reminder: less than a week before the waxworlds.org root CA certificate changes.


23 November, 2012

Using an external editor for Arduino development

The Arduino IDE is nice to get beginners started, but you’ll quickly hit its limitations. And if, like me, you found an option in the preferences dialogue that enables an external editor, you’ll have been disappointed to find that it seems only to disable the internal editor!

It is possible to work entirely outside the IDE, with your own editor (like Emacs or Eclipse) and build your projects from the command line (or in another IDE). Here’s one way to do it…

You should make sure that the Arduino IDE is working first. This will ensure the compiler, C-library an Arduino libraries are installed and working correctly and that you can communicate with your Arduino. Then you’ll want to use a Makefile. I’ve spent some time writing one, in collaboration with quite a few other people, an it’s available here. It’s very easy to use, quite fully-featured, and as compatible with the IDE as possible. (Other makefiles also exist, of course.)

OK, so to build your project outside the IDE, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Download the `arduino.mk` ([from here](http://ed.am/dev/make/arduino-mk)). You should save it somewhere accessible, like in your home directory. I keep mine at `~/src/arduino.mk`.
  2. In your project directory, edit your main file and save it as a `.ino` file, just as you would in the IDE.
  3. Create yourself a `Makefile`, with the following in:

    BOARD = uno
    include ~/src/arduino.mk

    Obviously, you should replace `~/src/arduino.mk` with the location you saved the Aruino makefile. Having saved `Makefile`, you can run `make boards` to see what board names exist. Then, you should set the `BOARD` variable correctly (“uno” may not be correct).

And that’s it!

To build your project, you should only have to type

$ make

To upload it to the Arduino board, go

$ make upload

(If it can’t detect your Arduino by its self, you may need to set the SERIALDEV variable in your Makefile.)

And if you want to use the Serial Monitor from the Arduino IDE without running the IDE, you can achieve this by going

$ make monitor

This actually runs GNU screen. (You’ll need to remember the shortcut keys to kill screen (^a k, by default) so that you can get out of it!)

If something goes wrong or isn’t working, you should have a look at the documentation for arduino.mk.