Service Updates

12th November, 2012

Network downtime, oak replaced

The whole of waxworlds.org has been dark since Sunday morning. This was the result of two factors.

  1. Oak failed catastrophically at 7:52am on 11th November.

  2. Since the recent migration (in June), the root nameservers have had the wrong IP address for ns2.waxworlds.org. So in the absence of oak, waxworlds.org wasn't resolving at all.

The DNS issue has been corrected.

Oak is now a brand new machine with a fresh OS install. As a consequence, there may be a few loose ends that aren't set up quite right. In particular, oak handles our mail, DNS, jabber and has web and database servers on it. I would appreciate being told about any issues that anyone notices.

Long live the new oak.

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